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Two Ghazals, translated by Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.

LS contributor Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr., sends new translations of two ghazals, one by the fourteenth-century master of the form, Hafiz-I Shirazi, and one from 2009, written by poet Simin Behbahani after national elections in Iran ended in mass demonstrations and violent crack-down. Hafiz-i Shirazi GHAZAL [Hijab-i chehr-i jan mishavad ghubar-i manam] The dust of […]

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A Poets’ Correspondence (I–V): Rowan Ricardo Phillips and Glyn Maxwell

This summer in our digital edition, Little Star Weekly, inaugurated an occasional series, a correspondence on poetic means in the English of here and there (England and the UK) by Rowan Ricardo Phillips and Glyn Maxwell.  Read Glyn’s first installment in Little Star Weekly here, ensuing correspondence below. Dear Glyn, I’m in New York. And now that I’ve […]

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Iran: Poems of Dissent

This week in Little Star Weekly we feature “In this Blind Alley,” by Iranian poet Ahmad Shamlou, a poem dating from the days after the revolution of 1979. Shamlou  (1925–2000) was born in Tehran and raised in the Iranian provinces, spending time in prison during World War II and after the British- and American-led coup of […]

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Little Star at the New York Public Library!

We are thrilled to be visiting the New York Public Library on Tuesday, May 8, as part of the Periodically Speaking series, in which magazines and their writers meet with readers to talk about the state of the art. Writers April Bernard, Eugene Ostashevsky, and Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr., will join editor Ann Kjellberg to […]

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Faiz Ahmed Faiz, 100 Years

This year marks the centenary of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the great poet of modern Urdu. Faiz was born in a small Punjabi village in British India and studied English and Arabic literature in Lahore before becoming a prominent public intellectual and advocate for an independent Pakistan. He is celebrated for expanding the traditional Urdu forms […]

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Turkey’s Melih Cevdet Anday

Atom translated by Sidney Wade and Efe Murad H My house has one room Inside it a lunatic turns and turns Electron Now here now on the other side of the moon Both here and behind the moon Nucleus I knocked on the door of a lighthouse A nutcase opened it   Voice translated by […]

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Poems by Turkey’s Yahya Kemal

Evening Music translated by Sidney Wade and Yurdanur Salman   In the antique gardens of Kandilli, As the evening settles, veil over veil, The aching pleasures of memory prevail. No one comes or watches from balconies. In the middle of a lonely road the breeze Is toying with the October leaves. The hours deeper and […]

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