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Rebecca West reflects on whether and why she is, or is not, a novelist

I know that had I been able to do what I liked, and that is just what I have not been able to do, I would have written nothing but novels. Fiction and poetry are the only way one can stop time and given account of an experience and nail it down so that it […]


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First Time in English! A Thomas Bernhard Story

“Two Tutors” will appear in a newly translated collection of Bernhard’s early stories, Prose, from Seagull Press this May (see our elated facebook post of April 28). Two Tutors While the new tutor has until now remained silent during our lunchtime walk, which to me has already become a habit, today from the start he […]


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Naming the Dead, Mother’s Day, 2 PM

On Mother’s Day, May 9, 2010, New York poets will gather at the Flushing Friends Meeting House, Flushing, NY, to read the names of the dead buried in the Hart Island Cemetery, America’s largest public potter’s field. The cemetery on Hart Island occupies 101 acres in the Long Island Sound on the eastern edge of […]

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