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More Polish enthusiasms

The coming months will be boom times for Polish literature in English.  First July brought us the publication of Jerzy Pilch’s dizzying satire, A Thousand Peaceful Cities, excerpted on Little Star online.  Next Ecco springs Zbigniew Herbert’s Collected Prose upon us in August, and September will see new translations of Wislawa Szymborska by Clare Cavanagh […]


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Dear Reader, We bring you A Thousand Peaceful Cities, by Jerzy Pilch

Little Star was thrilled to encounter A Thousand Peaceful Cities, a mind-bending romp by Polish journalist and novelist Jerzy Pilch, miraculously translated by David Frick and published this month by Open Letter.  We here with pleasure offer a few choice morsels (with editorial emendations by ourselves). IN WHICH our hero’s father’s drinking companion, Mr. Traba, […]


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Sitting Still II: The Skeptic Meditates—from Tim Parks

Seeking relief from chronic and debilitating pains that conventional medicine could not cure, critic Tim Parks finds himself, much to his own surprise, attending a meditation retreat that involves sitting in crossed-legged silence for twelve and more hours a day. Although the retreat takes place in Italy, where Parks lives, the course leader, John Coleman, […]


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