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Arrowsmith’s Montale: “Life in the Trojan Horse”

Life in the Trojan Horse was no picnic. We were packed in like anchovies in a can. When the others left, I stayed inside, unsure of the rules of war. Now I know what I didn’t then, when I hoarded my noblest powers for the final, the decisive act. Which was an act that had […]

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Arrowsmith’s Montale: “Flood Tides”

Frantic with love, I knelt at the Castalian Spring but no freshet reflected my image. I have never seen the piranha’s native waters where swimmers wash back ashore, bones picked clean. And yet other waters work with us, for us, and on us, with an indifferent monstrous effort of recuperation.

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Arrowsmith’s Montale: Late poems first seen

William Arrowsmith’s hitherto unpublished translations of the last two volumes of Eugenio Montale’s poems are about to appear from Norton, in a collected edition lovingly prepared by Arrowsmith’s friend and student Rosanna Warren.  The volume represents a life’s work for both poet and translator. Writes Warren: By the time Montale reached his fruitful old age, […]

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Jeet Thayil, poet of the Bombay streets

He handed me the headphones. The music was high- pitched, like the sound track of a movie in which random scenes had been strung together, or cut up and played backwards, or deliberately placed out of order. Bottles clinked and a door creaked open. A shot rang out. A child whispered, is he here? Where […]


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