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“Stella Polaris,” by Viktor Kulle

Russian poet Viktor Kulle is fifty today, today being April 30 in his part of the world. We congratulate him! His is a voice resonating with Russia’s deep classical past. In 1996 he defended Russia’s first doctoral dissertation on Joseph Brodsky (here it is). We offer his poem “Stella Polaris” in a translation by Little […]

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Little Star at the New York Public Library!

We are thrilled to be visiting the New York Public Library on Tuesday, May 8, as part of the Periodically Speaking series, in which magazines and their writers meet with readers to talk about the state of the art. Writers April Bernard, Eugene Ostashevsky, and Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr., will join editor Ann Kjellberg to […]

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At table, from “Grasses of a Thousand Colors,” by Wallace Shawn

“People so often begin their memoirs by talking about their earliest experiences, and I don’t, because—because if I force myself to think about my quote unquote ‘childhood,’ if I can even mention such a horrible, boring, unbearable time of life—if I force myself to think about it, the only thing that actually comes back to […]


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In Memoriam: Margaret Weatherford

Los Angeles writer Margaret Weatherford died this week of cancer at the age of forty-six. She was a dedicated perfectionist and her output was tiny, but impeccable: funny, affectionate, intricate, and microscopically observant. She published a hilarious story in Zyzzyva, “East of the 5, South of the 10,” that mapped Greek mythology over the latitude […]

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April Bernard: The Thoreaus at home

The family had refused to be impressed when Miss Fuller had left for Europe in 1846. All right that she had lived in New York and written for the reformist Tribune about the city slums; all right that she had traveled to the Great Lakes and deplored the mistreatment of the resettled Indians on their […]


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