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This Week on Our App, Little Star Weekly…

This week on our app, two heady idylls. First, newcomer John Moran follows the amorous Roger and Andre to an island of their own in “Clog Warrior.” Then in poetry, another ardent journey, this time an inner one, with Rimbaud’s Illuminations, in a new version by poet Ciaran Carson. Carson defies the usual progression by […]

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Melissa Green Remembers Walcott and Brodsky

When it became apparent by my mid-twenties that I could not live by myself or in communal housing or anywhere except the hospital, I moved in with my grandmother. I’d nearly died. I wished I had done. The ER had called my parents to break the news that I might not live until morning, and […]


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Anthony Madrid in NYC

Beneath your parents’ mattress is a stairwell leading downward. That bed is like a door on which your parents knocked to summon you. Moles are a kind of meteor. Their careers are knots in the earth… Read more in Little Star Weekly #11! • Anthony Madrid is in New York this week: WEDNESDAY 19 JUNE […]


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“Awakenings,” by Giedra Radvilavičiūtė

If, before dawn, I open my eyes upon waking, I see my dead mother’s photograph on the wall. That’s why I hung it across from my bed. The photograph was copied and enlarged by a woman artist I don’t even know (and who refused to accept money for it) from a small, completely candid shot. […]

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Borges on the English tradition of versifying in one’s sleep

In Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum [Church History] of the English People, Bede talks about the first Christian poet of England, of whom only a few lines have been preserved. His name was Caedmon and his story is quite strange; we will return to it later when we talk about Coleridge and Stevenson. Here’s the story: […]

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