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Little Star at the New York Public Library!

We are thrilled to be visiting the New York Public Library on Tuesday, May 8, as part of the Periodically Speaking series, in which magazines and their writers meet with readers to talk about the state of the art. Writers April Bernard, Eugene Ostashevsky, and Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr., will join editor Ann Kjellberg to […]

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Robert Wrigley: Allowable Error

A treasure from the AWP. Robert Wrigley reflects on the political in poetry across three wars. Wislawa Szymborska, who died this past February 1st, at the age of 88, won the Nobel Prize in 1996. She insisted no one was more surprised by this than she was. Newspapers all over the world reported her “embarrassment” […]

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“He was a kind of nothing,” Fiennes’s Coriolanus

f proof were needed of what verse can still do to us, it is abundant in Ralph Fiennes’s riveting new adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.  Set in a putative Rome that is actually, though not visibly, Serbia, the blood-soaked story plausibly unfolds against a European backdrop that seems both ancient and itchily contemporary.  Coriolanus, hailed for […]


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Tim Parks: Run, don’t walk, then sit

A heartfelt plea: Read immediately Tim Parks’s new book, Teach Us to Sit Still, published today. The book comes disguised as medical self-help or new-age how-to, but it is not: It is an original and courageous exploration of the ravages of the thinking life. Says Coetzee, Teach Us to Sit Still is a “quest for […]

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Two Ghazals, translated by Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.

LS contributor Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr., sends new translations of two ghazals, one by the fourteenth-century master of the form, Hafiz-I Shirazi, and one from 2009, written by poet Simin Behbahani after national elections in Iran ended in mass demonstrations and violent crack-down. Hafiz-i Shirazi GHAZAL [Hijab-i chehr-i jan mishavad ghubar-i manam] The dust of […]

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Two Poets from Adam Zagajewski: Tomasz Rozycki and Marie Lundquist

On Monday, March 28, Tomasz Różycki and Marie Lundquist will read with Adam Zagajewski in the Tenth Muse Series at the 92nd Street Y in New York.  Here is a poem from each. CINNAMON AND CLOVES by Tomasz Różycki, translated by Mira Rosenthal I’m lying here with a hole in my head through which the […]

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2028. A trusted member of the security services embarks on a royal errand.

Vladimir Sorokin, translated by Jamey Gambrell . We first drive along the highway, then turn onto a narrow road. The road stretches through woodlands, then crawls into the taiga. We ride silently. Pines, firs, and deciduous trees surround us, heavy with snow. But the sun is already heading toward sunset. Another hour or so and […]

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Milosz celebrations all over

The centenary of the birth of Czeslaw Milosz has festivities busting out all over, with a bumper crop of marvelous participants.  In New York, a tribute at the 92nd Street Y on March 21 will include Little Star‘s dynamic duo, Adam Zagajewski and his wonderful translator Clare Cavanagh (whose Lyric Poetry and Modern Politics: Russia, […]

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Little Star goes live!

Join our bounty of Boston-area writers, including beloved contributing editor and muse Melissa Green, and visiting eminences Eugene Ostashevsky and William Wadsworth, at the Pierre Menard Gallery on Sunday, January 23, for a kick-off reading!

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Susan Sontag at Scandinavia House, Friday

Scandinavia House this week will host a series of events springing from the still-bright energies left to us by Susan Sontag.  First, on Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 there will be a seminar on the challenges of literary translation, with Sontag Translation Prize winner Benjamin Mier-Cruz, Sontag’s son and literary executor David Rieff, Susan Bernofsky, […]

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