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Good-bye, and Hello!

Dear Friends of Little Star, It has been the greatest delight and adventure to edit our app version, Little Star Weekly, for you. We have loved this little form, and the opportunity it has offered to whisper in your ear each week a small secret of literature. We also believed very strongly in the mission […]

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Tim Parks reinvents literary criticism

At Little Star we consider Tim Parks one of the central writers of the age. His novels—Europa, for instance, and Destiny and Cleaver—forge new literary constructions around narrators who are, on the one hand, intelligent and controlling and, on the other, unstable, revelatory, and self-discovering. His criticism for The New York Review of Books and […]

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Melissa Green, artist

In a career replete with self-reinventions, our beloved contributing editor Melissa Green has recast herself as a forager of images, both from her native oceanfront landscape of the Winthrop, Massachusetts, and her own capacious imagination. We feature one in Little Star Weekly this week. It’s called “The Marsh at Evening.” Think of it as you read […]


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Mina Loy: Taking in an itinerate surrealist

Insel panted into my place all undone, despairingly waving a sheet of blue paper. “Das blaue Papier,” he articulated hoarsely, ducking his head as if the Papier was one of a shower of such sheets bombarding him in his dash for escape. “Something the matter? Have a porto. Sit on a chair. Whatever it is—out […]


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W. G. Sebald, Letters to a translator

Enthusiasts of the great W. G. Sebald have long enjoyed the beguiling uncertainty he invites regarding what in his works is “true” in the literal or documentary sense and what made up, and why. In a little cache of newly discovered letters we observe, second-hand, that this uncertainty presented more vexing problems for the translator. […]


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This Week on Our App, Little Star Weekly…

This week on our app, two heady idylls. First, newcomer John Moran follows the amorous Roger and Andre to an island of their own in “Clog Warrior.” Then in poetry, another ardent journey, this time an inner one, with Rimbaud’s Illuminations, in a new version by poet Ciaran Carson. Carson defies the usual progression by […]

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Melissa Green Remembers Walcott and Brodsky

When it became apparent by my mid-twenties that I could not live by myself or in communal housing or anywhere except the hospital, I moved in with my grandmother. I’d nearly died. I wished I had done. The ER had called my parents to break the news that I might not live until morning, and […]


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Different Animals, a new play by Abby Rosebrock

JESSICA Obviously I’ve heard that story since I was a kid, but the way you told it, I felt like I knew him— WILL Peter? That’s pretty high praise— JESSICA Like when people kept asking if he was with Jesus, and Peter kept being like, I don’t even know that guy. WILL (Agreeing) He was […]

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Bartleby Unveiled, by Prudence Crowther

Bartleby laid down his pen with finality. Did he mean to finish, I asked? He would “prefer not to.” And though I promised he needn’t meet his daily quota of 7,200 words but could stick to drawing up simple eviction notices, that month he wrote no more. Desperate to recharge the clerk’s former industry, I […]

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Lots Coming Up at Little Star!

We have an action-packed couple of months ahead and wanted to tell you about all our goings-on. ~ February 29: The long-awaited release of our delicious new app!  With weekly installments of Little Star writing, new and seasoned. Music recommended by Alex Ross, art by Mary Weatherford. Created by the innovative app shop, 29th Street […]

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