Featuring Dave Lucas

Dave Lucas’s first book, Weather, appears this week in the VQR Poetry Series. We celebrate with his poems from both issues of Little Star. First:

Lunar Calendar

Wolf Moon

The snow spreads like an opened hand,
like their bay echoing over the rime fields.

Hunger Moon

A night without sleep: stars wheel the sky.
An empty stomach is February cold.

Worm Moon

The earth softens, a forgiving heart.
The earthworm emerges, and the robin soon.

Pink Moon

Moss pink, ground phlox. A rose
by any name could not be sweeter.

Hare Moon

Now the flowers in full unison,
now the hare like light across their petals.

Strawberry Moon

The berry’s sweet, short season:
gather ye flowers, and so and so.

Buck Moon

His antlers push through, velvet and bone.
All majesty is birthed in pain.

Sturgeon Moon

In haze and halo, by its reddish hint
let our lines snap tight, grow heavy.

Harvest Moon

Late lantern, and by its light a glut:
beans, rice, corn, pumpkin, squash.

Hunter’s Moon

The leaves fall and fallen, the deer fattened.
The cold causes the arrow to sing.

Dave Lucas was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the recipient of a Henry Hoyns Fellowship from the University of Virginia and a “Discovery”/The Nation Prize, and his poems have appeared in many journals including Paris Review, Poetry, and Slate. He lives in Cleveland and Ann Arbor, where he is a PhD candidate in English language and literature at the University of Michigan.