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Glyn Maxwell on the stage, this summer

Enjoying our poets’ correspondence between Glyn Maxwell and Rowan Ricardo Phillips? Keep it going by buying Rowan’s new book, or taking a dip into Glyn’s work for the stage: Glyn is not only a prolific writer of plays, libretti, and screenplays, but also one of our foremost advocates for verse drama. “Cyrano de Bergerac,” by […]


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Gros-Jean ignores a warning, from “Moon-Child,” a play by Derek Walcott

Rare footage! Derek Walcott himself as the Narrator in a production of  “Moon Child (Ti Jean in Concert),” at the American Academy in Rome on April 4, 2011. Also wonderful: The silky Wendell Manwarren as the Planter and music by Ronald “Boo” Hinkson. NARRATOR Deep in the forest, thick, where precious creatures are: the dove, […]


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At table, from “Grasses of a Thousand Colors,” by Wallace Shawn

“People so often begin their memoirs by talking about their earliest experiences, and I don’t, because—because if I force myself to think about my quote unquote ‘childhood,’ if I can even mention such a horrible, boring, unbearable time of life—if I force myself to think about it, the only thing that actually comes back to […]


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