One-Day Special! All our April Bernard and Anakana Schofield

In honor of their appearance at our Little Star Cabaret tonight, we’re opening up all the work we’ve run in Little Star Weekly by guests Anakana Schofield and April Bernard. April Bernard • “Found Sonnet: Samuel Johnson” • from Miss Filler • “The Nockamixon Road” (Parts One, Two, and Three) • “The Fixed Idea” (Parts One, […]

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Welcome Anakana Schofield!

          This week we are thrilled to welcome from the frosty north Vancouverian Anakana Schofield, who comes bearing her soon-to-be-published second novel, Martin John.  We are featuring it this week in Little Star Weekly (here and here) and in the second of our accidentally annual series of Little Star Cabarets, with […]

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“Before Arbour Hill,” by Anakana Schofield

Before Arbour Hill there were three of them. There was his mother. A semi-detached, in an unremarkable cul-de-sac, housed them, with souvenirs from a holiday in Portugal on the mantlepiece. Biscuits in the tin, sheets in the hot press, and holy water inside the front door. They were looking for one suspect in connection with […]

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Anakana Schofield wins First Novel Award

Last year at AWP we stumbled past the booth of Dan Wells’s smart and original Canada independent, Biblioasis, which had been recommended to us by those clever guys over at Dalkey. Dan described his operation and then pressed into our arms, with an ardent fire in his eyes, a copy of Anakana Schofield’s freshly minted […]

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A miracle from Anakana Schofield

—Mam. It had been years, and by the time the day came, she was ripe for it. Off the bus from college this Friday evening, home he was to her, stood in her kitchen, looking helpful—helpful was the way Jimmy looked. —Mam. I’ve something to tell ya. A silence brewed that she swiftly interrupted. It […]

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