Arrowsmith’s Montale: “Life in the Trojan Horse”

Life in the Trojan Horse was no picnic. We were packed in like anchovies in a can. When the others left, I stayed inside, unsure of the rules of war. Now I know what I didn’t then, when I hoarded my noblest powers for the final, the decisive act. Which was an act that had […]

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Arrowsmith’s Montale: Late poems first seen

William Arrowsmith’s hitherto unpublished translations of the last two volumes of Eugenio Montale’s poems are about to appear from Norton, in a collected edition lovingly prepared by Arrowsmith’s friend and student Rosanna Warren.  The volume represents a life’s work for both poet and translator. Writes Warren: By the time Montale reached his fruitful old age, […]

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