Epic of the Ex-Urbs, by Tomasz Rozycki

All at once, led by a curious intuition, his cousin began to brake, using not only the pedals but also his feet, his knuckles, and his facial expression, causing smoke to issue from his Polish-made sneakers and a strange smell to rise into the air. They came to a halt. But though they had stopped, […]

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On the production and consumption of pierogis, by Tomasz Rozycki

In honor of familial feasting of all kinds we thought we would offer the great Pierogi Divertimento from Tomasz Rozycki’s book-length modern-day epic Twelve Stations, which we sampled in large part in Little Star #4 and will shortly appear in its entirety, in Bill Johnston’s translation, from Zephyr Press. It suffices to know that Twelve […]

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Two Poets from Adam Zagajewski: Tomasz Rozycki and Marie Lundquist

On Monday, March 28, Tomasz Różycki and Marie Lundquist will read with Adam Zagajewski in the Tenth Muse Series at the 92nd Street Y in New York.  Here is a poem from each. CINNAMON AND CLOVES by Tomasz Różycki, translated by Mira Rosenthal I’m lying here with a hole in my head through which the […]

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