Special offer: Rosanna Warren’s life of Max Jacob


A special offer on the occasion of the publication of Rosanna Warren’s “Max Jacob and the Great War” in Literary Imagination:

Buy the previous two installments of Warren’s biography-in-progress of Max Jacob in Little Star for the price of one!


Little Star #3 (2012) with “Live Like a Poet! At Home in the Bateau Lavoir”
Little Star #5 (2014) with “‘Mots en Liberté, Dynamisme Plastique’: Max Jacob’s Paris, 1911–1914”


Jacob told the memoirist Robert Guiette, “Picasso had come back from Spain and found Max desperate over the loss of his job. ‘What kind of life is that?’ Picasso asked. ‘Live like the poets!’” The liberation, the imperative to follow a life of art, extended even to physical appearance. Jacob told Maurice Martin du Gard in 1920, “It’s Picasso who changed my life … It was he who told me, ‘Shave off your beard.’ He who told me, “Take off your pince-nez, wear a monocle. Don’t be time-puncher. Live like a poet.’”


LS3_single coverLittle Star 5 (2014)