More Rozewicz!

We considered the work of Polish poet Tadeusz Rozewicz in February, when Norton published a major new selected poems translated by Joanna Trzeciak. Now arrives from Anvil the third edition of their selection of Rozewicz, They Came to See a Poet, translated by Adam Czerniawski and first published in 1982. How interesting!  There is rather little overlap, allowing the reader to come away from the two with a broad swathe of Rozewicz. Here is a comparison:


Virtue and vice weigh the same
I’ve seen:
a man who was both
vicious and virtuous.

I’m searching for a teacher and a master
let him give me back my sight hearing and speech
let him name objects and concepts again
let him separate the light from the dark.


Virtue and crime weigh the same
I’ve seen it:
in a man who was both
criminal and virtuous.

I seek a teacher and a master
may he restore my sight hearing and speech
may he again name objects and ideas
may he separate darkness from light.

“The Survivor,” 1947






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