This Week on Our App, Little Star Weekly…

This week on our app, two heady idylls. First, newcomer John Moran follows the amorous Roger and Andre to an island of their own in “Clog Warrior.”

Then in poetry, another ardent journey, this time an inner one, with Rimbaud’s Illuminations, in a new version by poet Ciaran Carson.

Carson defies the usual progression by rendering these prose poems in verse, pursuing the shadow alexandrines he finds there and reminding us, perhaps, of the rhythms and songs that once lingered in the air and the ears of poets and readers. Says he, “the more I worked the more it became apparent that many passages in Rimbaud’s musical prose could be read as verse, with a prosody of their own, scanned, rhymed, alliterated.  One could see incipient sonnets embedded therein; and it happened that several of my versions came out as fourteen lines. So I began to think of the project as a restoration, or a renovation, rather than a complete makeover.” Read the luxurious results in Little Star Weekly.

Mary Weatherford this week brings us a swath of Lecia Dole-Recio for Little Star Gallery.

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