One-Day Special! All our April Bernard and Anakana Schofield

In honor of their appearance at our Little Star Cabaret tonight, we’re opening up all the work we’ve run in Little Star Weekly by guests Anakana Schofield and April Bernard.

April Bernard
• “Found Sonnet: Samuel Johnson”
from Miss Filler
• “The Nockamixon Road” (Parts One, Two, and Three)
• “The Fixed Idea” (Parts One, Two, and Three)

Anakana Schofield
• from Martin John, Parts One and Two (Three to come tomorrow)
• “Before Arbour Hill”
• from Malarky

Or you can read their stories in our print issues of 2011, 2013, and 2014!

Enjoy! And please come and join us.

Have a look also at the conclusion this week of our Poets’ Correspondence with Rowan Ricardo Phillips and Glyn Maxwell.



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