Good-bye, and Hello!

Dear Friends of Little Star,

It has been the greatest delight and adventure to edit our app version, Little Star Weekly, for you. We have loved this little form, and the opportunity it has offered to whisper in your ear each week a small secret of literature.


We also believed very strongly in the mission of 29th Street Publishers, the digital wizards who were gallant enough to bring the Weekly into being: They strove to develop new forms of digital publishing that would support creators and independent editorial voices, lest purveyance of the written word pass entirely to the digital monopolies and their algorithms, hungering for user data, toward whom the medium naturally bends. Please as you go forward in your reading life think about how artists are making a living, and what sort of art we will have if they can’t do so on their own terms, and support the vehicles who support the writers you appreciate.

This week 29th Street closes its doors, and this chapter of Little Star Weekly closes with them.  Soon its next chapter will reopen here at, not quite weekly, but often, and still dedicated to bringing you moments of immersion into literature as it unfolds around us.  Weekly readers, please send us your email address so we can keep you posted. If you are a current subscriber to the Weekly and want information about what to do next, please let us know.

Meanwhile we plan to make our Weekly archive available as e-book anthologies, with their wonderful covers selected by our revolving crew of artists and curators, which you will be able to find here at Annual subscribers to the Weekly are entitled to some freebies here. Let us know if you would like us to drop you a line when these are available. Please also subscribe to our new print issue or pick up one of our past print issues, here.

Again, ten thousand thanks for lending us your ears. The world is turning in hard directions, but let us together hold to art for solace, guidance, and provocation.


Your editor,
Ann Kjellberg

—by Dennis Saleh

The little star
of the asterisk
winks in

More herethan meets
the eye
Then sighs

It is deeper
than water
cries a fish
in reply

Dennis Saleh has published several books of poetry and edited an anthology of contemporary American poetry.







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