An invitation


On May 5 at 7 PM Little Star is very pleased to welcome diasporic New Yorker Jamaica Kincaid and departing New Yorker Mark Strand for a private evening of reading and conversation in the rambling house of a generous friend, perhaps to be joined by a few other surprise guests.

The evening will be open to our writers, subscribers, and enablers, plus a limited number of our much-valued facebook correspondents. Libation will be provided, of course.

(Little Star is physical, but also zestily electronical. See more at and

If you would like to attend, join us on facebook, if you haven’t already, and send us an email at declaring your interest.   We’ll draw names from the hat for what space remains on May 1.

Jamaica Kincaid is the author of four novels, At the Bottom of the River, Annie John, Lucy, and Mr. Potter, and several works of autobiographical and reflective prose. “The Dean and Mrs. Hess,” a portion of her novel-in-progress See Now Then, and her first fiction in nearly ten years, appeared in Little Star 2011.

Mark Strand is the author of fifteen books of poetry, most recently New Selected Poems, as well as several works of literary and art criticism and lyrical prose. Eight of his prose poems appear in Little Star 2011.