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Soaring Into the Sky with Deborah Eisenberg

Deborah Eisenberg’s considerable powers of sympathy are swelled by the work of Hungarian novelist and bon vivant, Dezso Kosztolanyi, whose 1922 novel, Skylark, was recently reissued by New York Review Books.  She reads a chapter from Skylark in this podcast, lingering on each mundane detail of the small turn-of-the-century burg in which it is set […]

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Don Paterson’s “Rain”

Today Don Paterson’s new book “Rain,” slim and buoyant, appears with this near-perfect poem: CORRECTIVES The shudder in my son’s left hand he cures with one touch from his right, two fingertips laid feather-light to still his pen. He understands the whole man must be his own brother for no man is himself alone; though […]


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