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Welcome Tadeusz Dabrowski

Writes Tomasz Rozycki of this week’s Little Star Weekly poet Tadeuz Dabrowski: “Tadeusz Dabrowski’s poetry is a child of its times, born of the two prevailing trends in recent Polish poetry, of two wonderful parents, who are nevertheless very different, often antagonistic, and occasionally at war. It is no accident that I use the word […]

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Welcome Basque Poet Kirmen Uribe

Little Star’s own Kirmen Uribe will be appearing at the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday, September 22, 2013 (12:00, noon, in the Brooklyn Borough Hall Community Room, 209 Joralemon Street). He will be reading and joining a panel on “Cities and their Ghosts, Past and Future: What phantoms continue to haunt the landscape of our […]

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Three Ways of Looking at Rilke: Cadora, Snow, Brodsky

This week in Little Star Weekly a new translation of Rilke’s New Poems by Joe Cadora, with an introduction by Robert Hass, prompts us to revisit one of its most startling and enduring poems, “Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes.” We offer Cadora’s translation: That was the fantastical mine of the soul. Like the reticent ore of silver, […]

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Mark Strand, visibly

Paintings by poets often present mysterious correspondences, and a new opportunity to consider these arrives with a show of Mark Strand’s collages, about to open in the Lori Bookstein Gallery. The exhibition includes fifteen collages Strand made in Madrid and New York between 2011 and 2013. He makes his own paper at Dieu Donné with […]


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