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Henri Michaux, thirteen ways

This week in Little Star Weekly we feature some little prose poems from a new City Lights book, Thousand Times Broken: Three Books, which translates for the first time, with illustrations from his graphic works, three books by Henri Michaux from the period of his experimentations with mescaline. As Gilian Conoley observes in her introduction: “Both Michaux’s […]


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Melissa Green, artist

In a career replete with self-reinventions, our beloved contributing editor Melissa Green has recast herself as a forager of images, both from her native oceanfront landscape of the Winthrop, Massachusetts, and her own capacious imagination. We feature one in Little Star Weekly this week. It’s called “The Marsh at Evening.” Think of it as you read […]


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Denis Johnson, at last

Denis Johnson is a writer we have long coveted for Little Star. We had a piece of his elegaic short novel Train Dreams on our blog way back in 2011 and have been longing for more. Now the stars have aligned and his new novel beckons just as we ready ourselves for the new web-based […]


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Wolfgang Koeppen, Life in the manor’s shadows

I got to know Bismarck early on, he was on the sewing machine or next to the sewing machine, on which my mother was patching the bed linen for one of those Pomeranian nobleman’s estates, Lossin or Wunkenhagen or Demeritz, and Bismarck was cast in bronze, he was wearing boots that were one hundred percent […]

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Mark Strand, on not forgetting a poem

When I went to Brazil in 1965 as a Fulbright Lecturer I had read only a few of Carlos Drummond de Andrade’s poems in translations done either by Elizabeth Bishop or John Nist. I did not know Portuguese and thought quite erroneously it turned out that I would learn it by doing my own translations. […]

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Epic of the Ex-Urbs, by Tomasz Rozycki

All at once, led by a curious intuition, his cousin began to brake, using not only the pedals but also his feet, his knuckles, and his facial expression, causing smoke to issue from his Polish-made sneakers and a strange smell to rise into the air. They came to a halt. But though they had stopped, […]

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Bronek, by Magdalena Tulli

From the moment my mother came into dementia, time with her ran backwards. First the preceding day vanished from her memory, then the month before. In the outside world the dates followed one another in the usual order, but she paid no attention. In her apartment, late March regained its beginning, and then the page […]

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Special Summer Double Issue of Our Mobile App Little Star Weekly!

  This week we have a more-than-usually big and juicy bite of reading for your long train rides and cicada-filled afternoons on the porch swing. Our weekly app for iPad and iPhone offers up an extra-big dollop of Little Starrish writing to while away the hours. Our theme, more or less, is the carnal and its […]

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A long short story from Tim Parks

The day is coming, it is not far off now, when I will be overwhelmed by anguish. This premonition has been with me for some time. What do I mean, overwhelmed by anguish? I am not sure. It is a formula I use to describe what is coming. I expect a moment when a balance […]


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Little Star’s comment to the FCC on Net Neutrality

I started a small literary magazine in 2009, on the promise that digital communications had created for minority interests to find their audience and grow together.  I have worked in literary publishing for over thirty years, and in all that time I had been contemplating such a magazine and preparaing for it, but until the […]

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