Anthony Madrid in NYC

Beneath your parents’ mattress is a stairwell leading downward.

That bed is like a door on which your parents knocked to summon you.

Moles are a kind of meteor. Their careers are knots in the earth…

Read more in Little Star Weekly #11!

Anthony Madrid is in New York this week:

WEDNESDAY 19 JUNE :: 8PM :: Renegade Reading Series, 721 Franklin Ave, Crown Heights, Brooklyn — with Erika Anderson

SATURDAY 22 JUNE :: 7PM :: POPSICKLE :: 721 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn :: reading w/Michael Robbins and Paige Ackerson-Kiely

Re Saturday: Read Michael Robbins on Paige Ackerson-Kiely here. ‘Twas Michael Robbins who told us to read Anthony Madrid, and we think he is pretty much always right. Follow him religiously in the Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row.

Read Anthony Madrid’s excellent and really original book, from Canarium Books:












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