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Notes from the editor

The Typos of Fire and Fury

p. 17: “subtlety” misspelled p. 20: “whom he said was not remotely a billionaire,” should be “who” “by definition, presidential,” remove comma p. 28: “distress debt,” should be “distressed” p. 30: “whom he believed had promised,” should be “who” p. 31: “It was his daughter-in-law who held the real influence in the Trump circle, who […]

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Little Star #7 arriving, with Alison Hall

Our latest issue of Little Star, the print magazine, is thundering in our direction, and time remains to order it at it’s larcenous pre-publication price here. The issue includes excellent work by Michael Kimball, Aaron Their, April Bernard, Les Murray, Robert Wrigley, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Cynan Jones, Tadeusz Dabrowski, Gro Dahle, Susan Wheeler, Anthony Madrid, Robert […]

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Welcome Tim Rutherford-Johnson

Little Star is really pleased to announce the arrival of Tim Rutherford-Johnson as a new host for Little Star Radio, the weekly new music feature of our app, Little Star Weekly. Each week Little Star Weekly brings readers a portable dose of poetry, prose, music, and art, delivered to your iPhone or iPad.  Issues can […]

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All Poets Bulletin: Help Us Make a Poetry Style Guide

Your editor is troubled that she has not been able to find an authoritative guide to styling poetry typographically. For some reason the usual sources are silent on this point. Plunging bravely into the breach, we attempt one here, inviting comment. The world will little note, nor long remember, etc., but for some of us […]

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Viva Jane Jacobs!

This week we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Jane Jacobs’s epochal Death and Life of Great American Cities. There is so much about this book that speaks to our time. To begin with, the very neighborhood that Jacobs defended from Robert Moses is struggling to preserve its streets from another giant institution […]

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Reasons for Hope: Ellen

Met a nearly blind woman named Ellen today in front of the Andrew Heiskell library for the blind who has been devouring books since childhood, and makes the trek to the library on 20th Street from Brooklyn via Access-a-Ride for the large type, so she can “hold a book in her hands,” and feel the […]


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Long Live St. Mark’s and Friends!

We were most saddened to read recently of downsizing at St. Mark’s Bookshop.  “Is this a nightmare? Pretty much,” writes Harriet of the Poetry Foundation blog. “Vanishing New York” posts this alarming photo. St. Mark’s was the first bookstore to stock Little Star and has faithfully carried us in a big pile.  In recent years […]


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Editorial: A Cultural Center That Can Hold

According to Mapquest, the offices of Little Star are 1.93 miles from 51 Park Place.  I don’t know if that puts us within the range of sanctity felt to govern the thoughts and deeds of those who live in lower Manhattan.  Acrid smoke did float over our building on September 11, 2001, and streams of […]


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Good-bye, David Markson

I am heartbroken to learn of the death of the great David Markson. Like many before me, I was drawn to Markson through a strange attraction exerted by a pile of austere paperbacks on the edge of a table at the Strand.  I bought the mysterious book and, transported and enchanted, I contrived to meet […]

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Welcome to Little Star

Welcome to Little Star and thank you for joining us! In Little Star’s journey to print of these last months, few have asked me the obvious question why, in an environment where the end of print is every day lamented, one would create a new print journal. That much seems self evident. The more frequent […]


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