Welcome Tim Rutherford-Johnson

Little Star is really pleased to announce the arrival of Tim Rutherford-Johnson as a new host for Little Star Radio, the weekly new music feature of our app, Little Star Weekly.

Each week Little Star Weekly brings readers a portable dose of poetry, prose, music, and art, delivered to your iPhone or iPad.  Issues can be ordered individually or by subscription in the app store. A directory of our back issues is available on our site.

As “The Rambler,” Tim has blogged about contemporary music since 2003. He is editor of the Oxford Dictionary of Music and is writing a book on modern music after 1989. He also writes regularly for New Music Box.

Here’s a recent piece he wrote for New Music Box on Steve Reich.

This here’s one from last year on music and silence. He’s putting on a concert drawing on that piece at Kings Place in London with Apartment House, September 22, 2013.

Our current issue offers his first installment, Richard Barrett’s “inward.” Download the app from the app store and have a listen!

Tim_web supplied_Apartment-House



Tim Rutherford-Johnson and Apartment House

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